Kerrie Stanley

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Not many people would take being told that they were talking through their hat as a compliment, but Kerrie Stanley does. Kerrie is a born communicator, and it just so happens that she is one of Australia’s finest milliners, and an established member of Melbourne’s millinery elite. Most of the time she lets her headwear do the talking, but give her a microphone and they’re lucky to get a word in.

At Spring Carnival time, Kerrie’s skills as hat maker and MC are equally sought after. She is in her element hosting fashion and racing functions, but her track record compering corporate and charity events is equally impressive. 

Armed with an unquenchable curiosity, a disarming personality, superb presentation, and wit to boot, Kerrie provides the polish that makes every occasion shine.

Bookings can be made directly with Kerrie.

Visit Kerrie's YouTube Channel

Visit Kerrie's YouTube Channel

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