Kerrie Stanley

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Left Foot, Right Foot

I thought I would be really devasted at my loss, after all she was with me for 11 years. She was loyal, always there for me, never gave me any grief and for the most part, pretty tidy. No I'm not talking about a pet, I'm talking about my 1992 Toyota Camry, which finally died and went to auto heaven, AKA the wreckers.

I came back from NYC last week sans car but you know what? I am actually not bothered. If there was one thing that almost 3 weeks in NYC, in summer especially,  taught me was that you walk.. Everywhere.. And fast. And I do love to walk. Sometimes I find myself strutting and "hands in the air-ing" without even knowing it, thanks to some awesome tunes in my ears. I actually LOST weight on this holiday mostly due to all the walking I did. Winning!  

Even though my work is so varied, and can take me to many locations, I have decided to hold back on getting a car for the moment for a couple of reasons, finance and fitness. I live very close to public transport, main shops, and access to a "Flexi" car for short term rental. Friends have kindly offered theirs if I need.  

So there you go my friends, there will one less car on the road and one more book reading commuter - that's if I get off my phone...

Keep smiling